Sip Trunking

SIP trunking can offer your business a more flexible, resilient, scalable and cost-efficient way to connect PBXs to the Voice Network compared to traditional methods.

MS3’s SIP Trunking service does more than just provide basic voice. With an advanced Voice Services Platform and resilient core network we provide high quality voice calls and additional resilience, load balancing, call queuing and disaster recovery features. MS3’s SIP Trunking service is also compatible with a wide range of PBXs.

Why use SIP Trunking instead of ISDN?

From 2020 you’ll no longer be able to purchase new ISDN services from BT and all ISDN services are beginning to be phased out.

To discuss your requirements please contact our dedicated sales team using the information below:

T: 01482 221 721

SIP trunking offers the following benefits compared to ISDN:

  • Flexibility - SIP Trunks can be carried by an existing data connection, removing the need to implement dedicated ISDN connections which adds cost and delay.
  • Efficiency - SIP Trunks can easily be scaled up and down to handle seasonal peaks avoiding the need to install ISDN capacity that is not required out of peak periods.
  • Economy - SIP trunks generally have a lower price point compared to ISDN for the same number of channels.

Key Benefits

  • High quality Voice calls.
  • Able to quickly scale to meet your changing business requirements.
  • Provides additional resilience, load balancing, call queuing and disaster recovery features.
  • Reduced cost per channel compared to ISDN.
Need guaranteed bandwidth all the time? Check out our Direct Internet Access service
  •  “This is the first time that we’ve had a fibre internet solution. We no longer have to worry about how much data we’re using as we have unlimited. Plus, we have speeds much higher than 4G could provide. On top of that, we now have great technical support from a local company right on our doorstep and know the name and faces of the people we deal with.”."

    Matt Elms, Co-Owner

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  • “We took the service from MS3 mainly due to the speed of the connection which was more than adequate for our needs along with the fact that they are a local company. Since moving over to MS3’s fibre solution, we have just completed a total transfer of all our internal systems into the “cloud”. This includes Office 365, which MS3 helpfully arranged for us, alongside three other back office systems we have also moved onto hosted environments.”."

    Kris Singleton, Team Leader

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  • “Having committed to their 100Mb DIA product, we have been extremely pleased with the service, and have subsequently ceased a circuit from KC that provided 1/50th of the bandwidth for the same price. “The installation was carried out promptly, and the service has been reliable since day one. We would have no hesitation in recommending MS3 to other business users in the area.”."

    Paul Derrick, Former IT Manager

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  • “I was delighted to recently award a five-year contract to MS3 to supply the On Line Group with a 1Gb Fibre Optic link between our Hessle and Immingham offices. We are a local company, well known both North and South of the Humber for supplying specialist Engineering Design and Project Management services. We have staff operating out of four locations, all of which are now connected by 1Gb Fibre Optic Cable.  This allows us to centralise our servers and telephony resources enabling any member of staff to work seamlessly from any office.  The backbone of any corporate organisation requires a resilient infrastructure of which MS3 have demonstrated to have.”."

    Chris Howell, Head of IT, Communications and Business Systems

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