Network Health Check

Suffering from poor network performance?

Does your network infrastructure match your current and future operational needs?

Does it take you a while to open your files?

Could your network be exposed to security risks from viruses and spyware?

Let MS3’s team of highly qualified tech staff conduct a Network Health Check to identify any problems!

A reliable network is key to productivity and connecting your employees to applications, emails and important files. Keeping your network in optimal condition will improve operational performance, ensure throughput speeds and reliability.

MS3’s Network Health Check will audit your network and IT infrastructure to identify any problems that may be present. MS3’s engineers will set up and run various diagnostic tools and will discuss current issues and objectives with you to ensure all relevant data is collected. Based on these results, MS3 will provide you with a list of recommendations to rectify any problems identified.

Network Health Checks are carried out without downtime to the network infrastructure and can be scheduled to be undertaken at a time that is convenient for your business.



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