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Williamsons Solicitors were desperate to improve their broadband speed as the slow speeds affected the business.

Established in 1890, Williamsons Solicitors is a highly regarded law firm with a head office in Hull as well as branches in Bridlington and Driffield.

After reading a news article on MS3 and our plans for fibre in Hull, Leigh Jackson, IT Manager at Williamsons Solicitors decided to see what we could offer: "When we first contacted MS3 our then broadband provider KC were not able to offer fibre optic broadband. We were desperate to improve our broadband speed as the slow speeds affected our business. So after reading a news article on MS3 and their plans for fibre in Hull I decided to get in touch with them and see what they could offer. In my first meeting with MS3 I was impressed with the service they were offering so decided we would like to work with them."

After listening to Williamsons Solicitors requirements MS3 installed a 100Mb Business Broadband connection which has since been upgraded to an amazing 1Gb. "The installation was very straight-forward and the engineer came and went with very little disruption."

As a highly respected solicitors Williamsons deliver legal solutions that are professional and cost-effective. Frustrated by slow broadband speeds and dropped connections the staff at Williamsons Solicitors are now able to work remotely with fantastic results: "The fibre broadband provided by MS3 has made a dramatic improvement to our business. We have remote offices and remote workers who can now work without a dropped connection and without any 'go-slow' days! Even the current fibre offering KC have tried to offer us does not compare on speed."

By upgrading to fibre Williamsons are now preparing for a long-term switch to Cloud based services: "At the moment the way our legal software works we would not be able to utilise the full benefits of using the cloud. But certainly, in the longer-term future I think it will be how us, and all businesses, operate."

MS3 not only offer a superfast service but also go the extra mile to provide a personal touch: "I have found the service so far with MS3 to be fantastic. We have not yet had any reason to log a support call but just the fact that MS3 have had a much more personal approach to working with us has been a really welcome improvement from our previous provider."

After receiving such impressive speeds and service Williamsons Solicitors would have no hesitations in recommending MS3 to other businesses: "I would certainly recommend MS3 to other potential customers.

When I spoke to friends at other companies they could not understand how we have had such fast broadband! I only wish MS3 were able to offer a residential broadband service and broadband to our other offices in Bridlington and Driffield!"

Update – August 2018

After a number of years using MS3’s 100Mbps fibre without any performance or stability issues I was very pleased to hear that we would be able to move to 1Gbps and stay with MS3. Whilst, at the present moment in time, there was no immediate need to have a speed of 1Gbps the small increase in cost for us was a big factor in taking up this service now rather than later. Our staff would be able to benefit from the increased speed now and we could plan for the future knowing we have the speed required for all our future IT plans in place with the knowledge that the reliability and resilience is tried and tested.

"The switch over to 1Gbps really was simple and nothing was too much trouble for the technical team at MS3. This allowed us to do the changeover without losing any working time and for us to test it before it was made live for everyone in the firm to use."

Leigh Jackson, IT Manager

  •  “This is the first time that we’ve had a fibre internet solution. We no longer have to worry about how much data we’re using as we have unlimited. Plus, we have speeds much higher than 4G could provide. On top of that, we now have great technical support from a local company right on our doorstep and know the name and faces of the people we deal with.”."

    Matt Elms, Co-Owner

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  • “We took the service from MS3 mainly due to the speed of the connection which was more than adequate for our needs along with the fact that they are a local company. Since moving over to MS3’s fibre solution, we have just completed a total transfer of all our internal systems into the “cloud”. This includes Office 365, which MS3 helpfully arranged for us, alongside three other back office systems we have also moved onto hosted environments.”."

    Kris Singleton, Team Leader

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  • “Having committed to their 100Mb DIA product, we have been extremely pleased with the service, and have subsequently ceased a circuit from KC that provided 1/50th of the bandwidth for the same price. “The installation was carried out promptly, and the service has been reliable since day one. We would have no hesitation in recommending MS3 to other business users in the area.”."

    Paul Derrick, Former IT Manager

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  • “I was delighted to recently award a five-year contract to MS3 to supply the On Line Group with a 1Gb Fibre Optic link between our Hessle and Immingham offices. We are a local company, well known both North and South of the Humber for supplying specialist Engineering Design and Project Management services. We have staff operating out of four locations, all of which are now connected by 1Gb Fibre Optic Cable.  This allows us to centralise our servers and telephony resources enabling any member of staff to work seamlessly from any office.  The backbone of any corporate organisation requires a resilient infrastructure of which MS3 have demonstrated to have.”."

    Chris Howell, Head of IT, Communications and Business Systems

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