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If your business is thinking of expanding in 2015 by opening a new office then you’ll also be looking at how to connect your sites together. A point to point connection from MS3 is the ideal solution.

Whether you have multiple offices here in Hull or across the UK, MS3 can provide a high quality point to point service which is ultra-fast, secure and incredibly low latency.

Our point to point circuits ensure all your networks operate as one and opens the door to increased collaboration and productivity across your sites. It allows you to run voice, data and video between sites, making sharing business-critical information extremely easy.

You receive the same upload and download speeds, it's always on and there are no limits on how much of your bandwidth you use. We offer bespoke bandwidth packages ranging from anything between 5Mb up to 10Gb to suit your business’ requirements. And because it’s completely flexible, it’s ready to grow with your business. Our highly resilient point to point circuits are delivered on 1Gb or 10Gb bearers so we can instantly dial up the bandwidth when you need it.

To find out more about the services MS3 can provide click here or call 01482 221721.



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