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Reeling from their success turning Peterborough into a gigabit City, Telecommunication and IP experts Businesscoms, have joined forces with local network provider MS3 Networks Ltd, to bring a superfast business focussed fibre infrastructure to Hull.

Nationally recognised MS3 Networks set about building the first alternative fibre network in the region which stretches 34km across Hull and East Yorkshire, having seen first-hand the lack of competition in East Yorkshire due to the dominance of the local incumbent, and the sheer frustration that this has caused the local Business community. After an original investment of £3.4 million, the infrastructure route was designed to ensure fast, reliable services were delivered.  The initial 2 year network build has already provided local businesses with a choice of alternative communications solutions, and many more will benefit when the 200km build is complete.

“This is an exciting partnership with Businesscoms and we are looking forward to working with them in Hull. Businesscoms recognise that our range of connectivity products significantly compliments their existing suite of services. Together we will deliver a high quality, cost-effective service which will vastly improve the digital economy in the region.” –Tony Hales, Managing Director, MS3 Networks Limited

Commended for their high level of customer service, Businesscoms employ their own team of engineers and an in house technical support team, allowing them to offer fix times as low as 6 hours – crucial for businesses operating in this digital age. Their part in the innovative Peterborough Core project saw them involved from the very initial planning and pricing stages, and 16 months later their journey has taken them to be the lead partner, responsible for 96% of the live connections.

“Businesses are frequently forced, unwittingly, to share their services with domestic users, although their needs couldn’t be further apart.” Stated Businesscoms Director, Rob Baldacci, “The services that Businesscoms & MS3 are offering are purely focussed to meet the requirements of businesses; they are proactive rather than reactive with 24/7 network monitoring, they are at least 2 x faster than the average UK speeds and they are reliable with 100% uptime over the last 2 years – Hull is in the middle of a digital revolution and has set itself from other cities in the UK and they need a telecommunication solution to support this – We are confident that we can provide this solution”

Recognising that a high speed digital infrastructure is essential for innovation and business growth, the superfast fibre network has the potential to transform the way businesses communicate, collaborate and connect. Not only that, seeing the impact on the economy in cities such as Hong Kong and Stockholm (who saw a 1.8 Billion Euro return on the original investment!) that upgrading broadband infrastructure has had; our government is keen to replicate this across the country and have introduced the Connection Vouchers scheme of up to £3000 that were made available in Hull on the 1st April, these can be used in conjunction with services provided by the joint venture.


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