News: MS3 and Quickline work together

Two of Hull’s independent network operators have announced the signing of a long term contract which will see Quickline Communications improve their network by utilising services offered by MS3.
The new partnership will see Quickline take rack space in one of MS3’s newly built colocation suites at Owen House and use MS3’s infrastructure to increase network performance at strategic locations in Hull.

MS3’s Managing Director Tony Hales said the deal is a sign of Hull’s independent operators beginning a new period of collaboration which will ultimately benefit businesses and residents in Hull.
He added that MS3 are one of only 2 organisations in Hull able to provide fibre backhaul in Hull which initially led to the discussions between MS3 and Quickline.

Tony said “We are thrilled to be able to support Quickline by offering our services. I firmly believe that Hull’s independent networks should be working together to benefit local businesses and residents alike and I’m confident this partnership will do just that.”

“There are only 2 companies in Hull who are able to offer a route in or out of Hull via fibre and that’s ourselves and the incumbent operator KC, when Steve told us what he was looking to do it made great commercial sense for all involved.”

Quickline Communications Managing Director Steve Jagger said:
“I am delighted to be working in partnership with MS3 as together we are stronger which benefits our business and our customers alike.”

“As a company we are seeing significant changes in the way that people want to receive their broadband service and we can now provide access to a viable alternative broadband provider in Hull.”



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